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    Updated: 18th Aug, 2021
    74th Rajagiri Round Table Conference - Topic: "Cost of Educating the Have-nots"...
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    Reply of our Gujrat Education Board Of Catholic Instutions (GEBCI Gandhinagar) P...
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    NCPCR Report about Minority Institutions exempting from RTE...
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    Report of 22nd June 2021 Webinar...
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    Webinar on celebrating the World Day for Catholic Education on 13th May 2021...
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    Western RGN Online Training of CBCI EDUBASE on 03 March, 2021 Time 11.00 am to 1...
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    Odisha RGN Online Training of CBCI EDUBASE on 01 March, 2021 Time 10.00 am to 11...
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    Chhattisgarh RGN Online Training of CBCI EDUBASE on 27 Feb 2021 Time 10.00 am to...
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    North East RGN Online Training of CBCI EDUBASE on 24 Feb 2021 Time 11.00 pm to 1...



"Internet: A New Forum for Proclaiming the Gospel"

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The Church in every age continues the work begun on the day of Pentecost, when the Apostles, in the power of the Holy Spirit, went forth into the streets of Jerusalem to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in many tongues (cf. Acts 2:5-11). Through the succeeding centuries, this evangelizing mission spread to the far corners of the earth

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The first record of movement for promotion of Catholic education traces back to the Report of the Working & Standing Committee on Oct 26-31, 1956, which states - "Catholic representatives attended the Delhi All India Educational Conference in 1955, where they made their presence felt with the election of Fr. Balaguer, S.J. as the Vice-Chairman of the Conference."

The Second National congress of the All India Catholic University Students’ Federation was held at Bangalore from May 18-20, 1956 – 1700 delegates from all over India participated.

The theme of the Congress – For a Better World

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Contribution in the field of Education

An Educational Institution that is established and administered by the Diocese, Religious Congregation or a Catholic lay person or organization to impart education based on the Gospel values and the ‘All India Catholic Education Policy’, is a Catholic Educational Institution.

Organizational Set Up: Catholic Church is the biggest education provider in the world. In India, under the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, the Catholic Church has 171 Dioceses, Divided into 14 administrative Regions with a Regional Council of Bishops in each of the 14 regions. The National Office for Education and Culture...

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