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Updated On: 24-Jul-2020

Catholic Education during and beyond COVID - THEME 2 STUDENT EMPOWERMENT

Theme 2: Student Empowerment


The general poor learning outcome of millions of Indian children and youth needs a radical reform in pedagogy and delivery. Many children (nearly 56% as per ASER Report 2018) in primary schools do not attain basic skills in literacy and numeracy. 

New forms of pedagogy with appropriate adoption of technology is an opportunity for change. Catering to diversity of students is a possibility with blended personalized learning. If Covid-19 is to stay, students must adopt themselves to online style of learning and be provided with the necessary equipment to have nonstop learning.

With social, technical, biological and political disruptions around, students need to be accompanied to understand their goals in life and attain true happiness. Many children from marginalized families may drop out of schools. Thousands may enter the child labor force and become vulnerable to trafficking and/or pushed into early marriage.

Twenty-first century skills (learning, literacy and life) must be universalized by incorporating into any course offered in a school or college. More of these skills to be imparted using virtual learning environment than in traditional classrooms. eLearning must extend to co-curricular education such as dance, music, arts and crafts, yoga, physical fitness and sports. For instance, senior students can engage safely in local communities to handle pandemic and their real experiences in society can be guided and directed.

Points for Reflection:

  1. Is there a possibility of a new form of pedagogy with the adoption of technology?
  2. How can students in our care be continued to be accompanied during and post COVID days?
  3. How can life skills be imparted using virtual learning environment than academics?
  4. Have you evaluated your online education to see if values and competencies are delivered to the students?


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