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Updated On: 07-Aug-2020

Catholic Education during and beyond COVID - THEME 4 : GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT

Theme 4: Governance and Management

Covid-19 has provoked the dire need for digital infrastructure, teacher capacity and curriculum revamp towards holistic formation. It may not be a reality for our institutions for the disadvantaged and in rural areas. It is attainable with competent and visionary leadership. Better perspective and strategic planning are needed at the national, diocesan/provincial or institution level.

Catholic Community is blessed with a great pool of committed and passionate faithful. We need progressive and innovative leadership. It demands deep training, clear policies and procedures and well-remunerated faculty.

The Indian private school system has a serious risk of extinction with fund crisis. Fee waivers/deferment directives given by the government widen the risk. Financial management and fundraising need a revamp.

We need leadership development programs to improve our administrative practices, fund management, fund raising, building R&D culture and change management.  For instance, many alumni are ready and willing to contribute donations to develop their alma mater.

Points for Reflection:

  1. What type of leadership is needed to cope with COVID and beyond COVID Education?
  2. Will our Private schools survive the financial crisis and what plans have you made to avert major crunch of funds?
  3. Is there credible management system in your school and what innovative systems have you created in the recent past to build up a resilient institution?
  4. Is your institution community-centered? Have you received support from the community by way of financial support and otherwise?


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