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Updated On: 31-Jul-2020

Catholic Education during and beyond COVID - THEME 3: Teacher Engagement

Theme 3: Teacher Engagement

Getting the teachers accustomed to the new normal of online teaching is a major challenge. Teachers need to apply creative and innovative methods in migrating to online platform. Adoption to digital technologies, using seamlessly the e-learning resources provided by the government and handling the diversity of students require upskilling of teachers. 

Teachers must also interact with the parents to enable their children to participate in blended learning from the conventional system.

Teachers need accompaniment too. Adapting to a new way of teaching and accompanying students has put a lot of stress on teachers. Besides knowledge in academics, the teachers need to learn new dynamics to cope with attention-deficiency, mental health of children and creative ways of assessing children’s learning capacity. Teachers need training in accompanying children virtually. Teachers need a new set of pedagogy to cope with teaching children whom they do not interact with face to face. What would be the basics of new pedagogy?

Points for Reflection:

  1. How has the school empowered the teachers to accompany the students, by way of knowledge and skills?
  2. Have the teachers been left on their own to find the technology as well as other resources to continue with online education or has the school provided them with?
  3. How have your teachers adopted digital technology? Do you have any courses planned for them to be more productive and innovative?
  4. Will there be emergence of digital educators and what type of pedagogy will they have to adopt?




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